Wood and textile | h 74 cm | 29,1 in. | 20th century


The Angas or Ngas is a tribe with a diverse style and are well known for their long neck carvings. They live mostly in Pankshin, Kanam and Langtang LGA’s in Plateau state. Like the Tarok people the Angas are also divided into sub-groups: the plain Angas and the hill Angas.
In the hill country, Plateau state, live innumerable tribes speaking distinct languages. They have preserved for many centuries (and in some cases perhaps for millenia) their seperate cultures. Many of these tribes have their own sculptural traditions, developed within the generally abstract tendencies of the western Sudan; but it is often difficult for foreigners to see their works and only a few of the styles have yet been documented. This was written by William Fagg in 1968 in a publication of the Cleveland museum of art. Since then nearly 50 years have past and surprisingly not much has changed so we found during our visits.
The ceremonial pot with juju objects has two sides, two faces, also known as Janus heads.