Copper alloy | h 49 cm | 19,3 in. | 15th century


An amazing statue of a Nok like figure. The Nok terracotta culture thrived from 900 BC until it dissapeared under unknown mysterious circumstances around 200 AD. Up till some years back the only statues known are the famous large terracottas which appeared first in the late 1990’s. For some years Kasuwa visited the Nok area on a regular bases.
Besides the terracotta’s found there are numerous examples of a continuation of the typical Nok style. Statues in wood, ivory and copper alloy are known.
Very interesting is the fact that the tested age of this and more bronze objects is between 400-700 years and some of the known ivories are up to 250 years old. It implicates that after the terracotta making era stopped the tribes in the area continued with creating objects in the other materials and also continued with the similar style as the terracotta’s.
This amazing statue was found in Kwara state among the Jabba people in the villages Nok, Ebika, Maraba-Olijo, Janjala, Kwoi, Kubacha, Anta and Wamba. The statue was tested to be 500 years old.